That’s me, above.  No, I’m not doing the Dorian Gray thing.  A paparazzo caught me time-traveling back to my frat house to give my younger self a stock tip.  The younger me told all his friends; they started a stampede that drove the stock so high he couldn’t afford to buy. When I got back to my own time, nothing had changed except that messing with the space/time continuum had cost me an inch in height and turned me into a southpaw.    

    For fun I play racquetball and climb tiny mountains in the Caribbean.  I would run into a burning building for my wife (but only if she was in there). I like to daydream––when I was a kid, Mom called me her “absent-minded professor.”  I’ve left some notes around the house saying, “You were always forgetful.”

    After finishing my internship, I walked away from the “Dr. Spruill” thing. I respect those skillful enough to help others cope with the problems in their lives. I figured as a novelist I might help a million people forget their troubles for a few hours. I liked that better than risking that I might spend my life trying to coax a few dozen people into trading their troubles for other troubles. 

    I’m still working on the million. 


About Me

Name: Steven Spruill

Age: Working on it

Birthday: April 20

College: Andrews University

Major: Biology

Grad School: Catholic U.

Degree: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Favorite books: Silence of the Lambs; anything by Ray Garton, F. Paul Wilson, Douglas E. Winter, Thomas Harris, or John Sandford.

Favorite Movies: Gladiator, Master & Commander, American Splendor, Blade Runner, Matrix, Wizard of Oz.

Favorite Music:  The Brandenburg Concertos; Swingle Singers baroque

Favorite Food: “Chee-burger”

Favorite quote for suspense writers:  “Never answer a question you haven’t made the reader ask.” 

Spruill (ripped off from the “Lawyer’s Dictum”)

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